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At Sapphire Steel, we take great care to match the right individual with the appropriate position. To ensure that we create the proper roles for the correct people, we have a tried-and-true hiring procedure. At Sapphire, we encourage people to succeed rather than becoming complacent. Our staff members are constantly motivated and excited to go to work on a Monday morning because we promote growth and learning among them.

At Sapphire, everything revolves around our basic principles. These principles are shared with us by our successful candidates who have gone on to significantly alter our culture. Here at Sapphire, new hires have gone on to develop original and creative concepts that have contributed in realising our goal of raising the bar for customer service in the steel sector.

We aim to ensure that all candidates uphold our principles and that they are engrained into how they approach various challenges and concerns in their daily lives. Our basic values are at the centre of everything we do here at Sapphire.

Sending us your CV will allow you to apply for one of our opportunities if you share our enthusiasm and tenacity and want to have an influence on sectors that are crying out for new service standards.

Please apply via email: careers@sapphiresteel.co.uk

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